Movies. Cinema. Film. Motion Pictures. Fame. Celebrity. Nostalgia. These concepts lead the direction of my current studio work, which is a response to my love of movies and movie watching. Through my practice, I want to investigate the intensity of the movie watching experience and explore the affection one can have for a movie and the inter- and extratextual relationships of movies. At times, I feel that I am reinterpreting, reevaluating, and reinventing the very things that I hold dear to myself as an art process. I consider myself not only a consumer, watcher, recipient, and victim [of mass media and pop culture], but also an agent of that culture. I am interested in the role that I play in this cultural landscape and ideas of hyperreality (the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy). I am interested in how powerful nostalgia for something can be. I am interested in challenging the notion that watching movies is only a leisurely activity. 

Through my work, I aim to share my collective experiences with my viewers – to point them toward the passion that I have for the close examination of this slice of pop culture. By treating film AS nostalgia, the experience of being a film lover can be filtered through whatever feeling or emotion evokes the personal pleasure of a happy memory.